Venues 2012

Seeing any skate action on a computer screen or at best a TV screen is one thing but watching it on a full size theater screen is a whole another experience. This is precisely one of the purpose of the International Skateboard Film Festival. 

We can’t get enough of  Academy member and director Greg Hunt quote from two years ago:  “There’s a huge difference between seeing a movie on your TV or computer screen and seeing it on a big screen in a movie theater”, after spending a few hours at the Downtown Independent Theater watching the top nominated films at last year’s Festival. Hunt couldn’t have said it better.

The ISFF committee has decided to set a tradition by invading one of the coolest theater in downtown LA:  the Downtown Independent Theater.

We can’t give you the full program yet but be sure to be to circle Thursday-Friday, December 6-7, 2012  for the Public Screenings & Special Events


Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Invitation-Only Award Ceremony 

(The location is still pending but skating there it’ll look like this)